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'Samson the Nazirite' Volume 2

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  From birth to death the life of Samson is unlike any other. The Angel of the Lord announces his birth, he tears a lion to pieces, he sets fields ablaze using foxes, and kills a battalion of 1,000 soldiers.  Woven into these events is a story of love, conspiracy, betrayal, revenge, and redemption.  Samson is often pictured as a dumb hulk of a man who was selfish and immoral.  Samson is far from these things.  He is passionate, cunning, poetic, wise, and righteous! (Heb 11:32,33)

Samson the Nazirite' a two volume graphic novel based on the life of Samson.  This historical fiction series will seek to stay true to the biblical account while integrating storytelling & exciting visual elements.