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Samson is often pictured as a dumb body builder.  An immoral person and a fool who loses supernatural strength God bestowed upon him. But as I read the story this wasn't at all the person I found.  

Samson is bright and clever.  He is passionate and righteous.  Samson lived during the period of the Judges.  An incredibly wicked time where everyone did what was right in their own  eyes.   Samson was called to be a Nazirite from birth, and was held to a higher standard than his brethren.  His story is one of love and betrayal, revenge and redemption. 

Filled with incredible action this story makes for an epic tale. 

Volume 1 covers Judges chapters 13 & 14.  Volume 2 will cover chapter 15.  Volume 3 will cover chapter 16.

A word on Scriptural Integrity:  While we take some creative liberties to fill in the characters and story, maintaining the integrity of the Scriptures is very important to us.  We strive to keep the story true to the Biblical account.  All the events in the Biblical account as well as all the dialogue will be in the graphic novel.  

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